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Five Things That Manifested At the 2015 Austrian Grand Prix

Posted by F1Nut on July 14, 2015 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

As great as his word, Nico Rosberg has been great. The 2015 Austrian Grand prix had its fair share of ups and downs. Kimi Raikkonen had a race that looked almost run. Nico Hulkengberg posted another clear reminder. Toto Wolff, on the other hand made a case for the younger generation.

Here are the five things that manifested perfectly during the 2015 Austrian Grand prix:

Nico Rosberg revved up on his race days

Just like he promised, Nico Rosberg has clearly sharpened his skills. Regularly, the German beat Lewis Hamilton during the qualifying last year. He said that he had to change and become stronger on the race days. In qualifying this year, Lewis has beaten Nico 7-1. He still has the edge in matters wheel-to-wheel action. However, Nico, is clearly more than committed to beat Lewis in the upcoming circuits.

F1 fights back

For trashing Formula One, its peak season. Bernie Ecclestone, the sport’s CEO is one of the most critical voices. Together with him is an array of highly regarded drivers. Nonetheless, in Austria, the sport showed visible signs that it was more than ready for a comeback. Spielberg’s crowd was a paltry 57% of the last year’s attendance. However, it should be quickly noted that last year, the event was on a holiday weekend.

In the midfield is where the real action is

Forget about the frontrunners! Put your concentration exactly on the also-rans. This is if you have a strong desire to witness some proper racing. These days, the real action is either in the midfield or at the back. The most incredible scrap in the Red Bull Ring was between Nico Hulkenberg, the Force of India, and Valtteri Bottas. After a very slow start, Force India are again punching right above their weight. Nico who was fresh from winning Le Mans offered a strong reminder of how great he can be if he works with the top team in F1.

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The Raikkonen Question

Kimi Raikkonen moved further towards any future out of the sport. Kimi began the weekend angrily refuting rumors that Ferrari would want him to take pay cuts for the upcoming season. After this, he failed to get out of the Q1 in qualifying. Finally, Kimi successfully made it just a mere two corners during the race before crashing. The 2007 champion might soon be looking for an improved pension rather than a new pay deal.


4 Gems Gleaned from the 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

Posted by F1Nut on May 9, 2015 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

For every Formula One enthusiast, the latest race at the mercurial Bahrain GP was one that was a must-watch and for many good reasons. For starters, the Gulf Air sponsored race is one of the two night races and then there was the allure of Mercedes vs. Ferrari duel.

The Lessons from Bahrain

Well, the 2015 action at the Bahrain International Circuit is over and Lewis Hamilton is back to winning ways. However, for a F1 fanatic there are those subtle lessons that you can glean due to experience and words said before, during and after each race.

Here are some of these free gems of knowledge:

1. Lewis Hamilton is Ominously Impervious to Pressure

Immediately after the start of the season at Melbourne, questions about Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes started arising. Honchos at the team were quick to argue that the contract is almost over.

Well, the Briton was unfazed by these issues when he took to the race in Malaysia, Shanghai and in Bahrain. Indeed, the rivalry that seemed so tense with Nico Rosberg seems to have been forgotten and this is completely a new Hamilton in control.

2. Ferrari is Actually a Threat to Mercedes

Before coming to the sandy circuit, Mercedes and indeed their top driver had indicated the threat from Ferrari was real. The ominous form of W06 during pre-testing and inconclusive results by Ferrari’s SF15-T had misled even the best pundit.

Vettel rattled the order at Sepang and in Bahrain 2015 GP Kimi “the Iceman” was at it when he fought to second position. The threat expected from Williams FW37 has faded off and Scuderias seems ready to bite off any unreliability shown by Mercedes.

3. The Struggler in F1 are Legion

Forget the jinx at McLaren for once even as Alonso and Jenson Button feign weak smiles of confidence. Things seem to be getting tougher for more teams especially with Red Bull losing another of its engines when Ricciardo’s RB 11’s engine exploded as he finished the race. Toro Rosso of Verstappen and Carlo Sainz jr and all other teams except Williams had a rough time at Bahrain GP 2015.

4. Hamilton is not Definite for a Mercedes Seat

Question - why would a contract that was 99.6% earlier at Sepang and one that was only a few hours to conclusion still remain open months down the line? A simple fact, Hamilton is playing it cool, he is the superstar and obviously wants to look at what Ferrari has over and above Mercedes in its car.

So, what can you expect? Don’t be surprised to see Alonso headed to Mercedes as Hamilton heads to Ferrari next season.

Bahrain 2015 GP was as usual an insightful lesson in F1 as well as what to expect in coming races.


It has been an exciting 2014 for F1 fans

Posted by F1Nut on November 20, 2014 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

In Abu Dhabi, the heat can be intense. Day temperatures can hit highs of 30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are expected to reach 28-29 degrees Celsius. The Yas Marina circuit has a lap distance of 5.554 kilometers. Drivers are supposed to run a total 55 laps. This makes a total of 305.355 kilometers per driver.

Drivers must tackle numerous bends right from the start. Judging by the region’s hot temperatures, car tires are bound to overheat. Technical managers and their crews must determine the correct wheels to fit on their vehicles to counter such effects.

How it has been in 2014

All in all, 2014 has been a lively season. It has also been very competitive. Two team mates have resolved to chase for the world title. There have been high and low moments for drivers and teams alike. After the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton is in the lead with 334 points. He has won 10 Formula One Grand Prix races including Malaysia, Bahrain, China, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Russia and United States

Nico Rosberg, is in second place with 317 points. These are as a result of five Formula Grand Prix victories. Rosberg finished first in the following races: Australia, Monaco, Austria, Germany and Brazil.

Daniel Ricciardo is in third place. Ricciardo races for team Red Bull. He has managed to secure three victories in 2014. This brings his total points tally to 214. He won in the following races: Canada, Hungary, and Belgium.

Team Mercedes at the top

The constructors’ title has already gone to Mercedes. The team has scooped victory in all but three races this year. Mercedes missed out in the three races won by Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo. In 2014, F1 Grand Prix celebrates its 65 season. The Australian Grand Prix was the season’s opener. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix concludes the season with the finals taking place on Sunday, November 23, 2014.

Teams that have been taking part

The season has had 11 teams taking part. Each team has fielded two drivers in every Grand Prix. The teams are as follows:

• Mercedes

• Red Bull Racing

• Williams-Mercedes

• Ferrari

• McLaren-Mercedes

• Force India-Mercedes

• STR-Renault

• Lotus-Renault

• Marussia-Ferrari

• Sauber-Ferrari

• Caterham-Renault

Russia – Historic newcomers

During this season, Russia got a historic opportunity to host the F1 Grand Prix for the first time. The venue was the Sochi Autodrom. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton won that inaugural race. At the same time, Austria made a comeback as a host. Organizers put on hold the India Grand Prix and removed Korea from season’s schedule.

Other than these few changes, the rest has remained the same. Sebastian Vettel opened the year as the reigning champion. He has, however, been overshadowed by the Mercedes duo consisting of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. As action heads to Abu Dhabi, fans can look back and relish the memories of 2014 Formula One Grand Prix.